Transportation of Carerpillar Crane LIEBHERR LR11350

 Our company has successfully implemented the largest project on transportation of LIEBHERR LR11350 Crawler Crane with a lattice boom from the territory of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant in Kaliningrad Region, RF to the construction site of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant in Ostrovets town, Belarus.

LR 11350 is the largest and the most powerful crane produced by Liebherr. This giant has a load capacity of 1350 tons, and its hoist height may reach 180 metres. Its scope of application: construction of bridges, electric power plants, wind farms and other large industrial facilities. Length of a main boom is from 30 to 150 metres, and length of a lattice jib is from 12 to 50 metres. Dimensions of the large-sized disassembled cargo: 14.8х3.3х3.1m, 44t; 11.1х3.5х3.3m, 45t.

82 vehicles have been involved in transportation, including 28 outsized vehicles. Works related to preparation of necessary transit documents have been performed, and all necessary permits for oversized cargo transportation in the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Belarus have been obtained. Moreover, additional loading operations have been performed at the place of loading, on site of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant.