Transportation of Carerpillar Crane LIEBHERR LR11350

 Our company has successfully implemented the largest project on transportation of LIEBHERR LR11350 Crawler Crane with a lattice boom.

LR 11350 is the largest and the most powerful crane produced by Liebherr. This giant has a load capacity of 1350 tons, and its hoist height may reach 180 metres. Its scope of application: construction of bridges, electric power plants, wind farms and other large industrial facilities. Length of a main boom is from 30 to 150 metres, and length of a lattice jib is from 12 to 50 metres. Dimensions of the large-sized disassembled cargo: 14.8х3.3х3.1m, 44t; 11.1х3.5х3.3m, 45t.

82 vehicles have been involved in transportation, including 28 outsized vehicles. Moreover, additional loading operations have been performed at the place of loading, on site of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant.