• TLSC regularly organizes transportation of batches of tractors manufactured by the Minsk tractor plant (MTZ) (about 1500 pcs.) from Belarus to Pakistan. Combination of several ways of transportation allows completing the order in one month. 60,000 tons - 12,000 km - 30 days.
  • TLSC carries out regular deliveries of agricultural machinery (combine harvesters) from Winnipeg (Canada, North America) to Omsk in Western Siberia (Russia), successfully combining sea and rail transport.
  • In 2013, TLSC has carried out transportation of batches of the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) products from the Belarus-based company to Venezuela in South America. TLSC heavy dumper trucks were transported by DFDS Seaways ro-ro ferries to Kiel (Germany). From here, the trucks headed to the neighboring port of Bremerhaven. From here, they were transported by sea to the consignee to another continent. 150,000 t – 5,000 km - 20 days.
  • In 2013, TLSC has carried out transportation of cement factory equipment from Madrid (Spain) to Kazakhstan. This order combined transportation by sea and by rail: from Spain, the equipment was transported by ships to the port of Riga in Latvia, and here it was loaded in train. 150,000 t – 7,000 km - 25 days.
  • TLSC has organized transportation of a batch of graders from St. Petersburg (Russia) to Tanzania in Africa. Heavy road equipment packed in special containers was transported to its place of destination by sea. 150,000 t – 7,000 km - 25 days.